Hot Juls Fetishes - If You Were A Real Man

Added: 27-01-2022

(CUSTOM, NO NAME USED). "Goddess Juls, please make custom video where:  "You start off nice & sweet, teasing me about pretending to be a real man, the kind of man you want to fuck. You act seductive, like you think of me as a real man & you're going to give me what a real man gets. giving me a glimpse of what it's like to be a real man... But no. "If only you were a real man." You put me back in my place, telling me I'm inadequate, laughing at my little pecker & being a premature ejaculator, about being a timid beta-wimp. Time to stop pretending & accept my place. You get me shaved & dress me up in lingerie & heels. You tease me about whether I feel like a real man, with my tiny clittie all excited in my panties. If I was a real man I'd be dressed like a man. Instead you've dressed me up like a little bimbo-barbie girl, to help me accept. Since I can't pleasure you as a real man, you'll make me useful in another way, as your cuckold; so deeply in love, so devoted, perpetually dreaming of you, jealous, teased, denied & mindfucked. You tell me about how I'll be your maid & help you get ready for Alpha. You tell me about how you'll have me attend to you and your lover, serving drinks, being the fluffer and helping him slide his cock inside you. You taunt me about what you'll do to your lover and what he'll do to you, while I watch and serve. And then, clean up. You taunt me about what I get & what a real man gets. "If only you were a real man".

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