Princess Pandora - Step Daddys Surprise

Added: 28-01-2022

(custom, no name) you're my boyfriend and you finally get to meet my birthgivers this christmas! It's critical that you impresses them, my past bfs had to be dumped because my step-daddy didn't approve. After you open your presents, you're so confused. you didn't expect to receive a pink satin dress, a purse, heels, and even a pink dildo from him! I encourage you that these gifts were meant for you. you should thank my step-father for what he's done for you. Now that you've passed step-daddy's first test, I need to prepare you for what's to come. you need to learn how to use your sissy slut lips so you can blow my step-daddy's massive cock. I'm sure you don't want to be exiled from our household, so you need to do your best if you want step-daddy to be satisfied. If he's impressed with you, you get to stay with me and be used 24/7. If you exceed his expectations, he may even allow you to service his fraternity-brothers for his NYE celebration. My favorite boys use my markup codes: 50% BITCHFORPANDORA 100% ALLFORPANDORA 500% BROKEFORPANDORA 1000% FUCKEDFORPANDORA

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