CatClaw - Dirty Risky Homewrecking Task

Added: 29-01-2022

Custom clip, No names used
"Hello my naughty boy. Are you ready to be a dirty cheater for me?" Tell me to rub her panties all over my dick and balls. Tell me to sniff them. Wrap them around my dick and start jerking. You know cheating for you gets me so excited. I won't be able to last long. She can't make me cum as fast and as hard as you do. Tell me to put the panties in my ass crack. Rub em up and down my crack. Jerk faster. Leave em in my ass and tell me to sniff yours. "Good boy, sniff my sweaty ass and jerk that cheating cock!" You love the power you have over me. If I could be there in person with you, you'd let me sniff and lick your ass clean on one condition, you are gonna film it and send it to my girlfriend. You know that wouldn't stop me. I'd throw away 8 years of relationship for 8 minutes of my tongue deep in your perfect ass! "Now put those panties in front of you. I'll count you down. At 1, you will grab the base of your dick and ruin that orgasm for me onto her panties. 5, jerk it fast! 4, jerk that cheating cock! 3, your gonna cum all over that bitches panties. 2, faster! And 1, grab the base and ruin that load! Let that cheating load dribble onto her panties. Good boy! Now pick up those panties and suck that cum up! I want you to swallow that cheating load. And no brushing your teeth after. I want that cum on your breath in case she kisses you in the morning (laugh)." Tell me to pause the video and take a picture of the panties in my mouth. After that tell me I should put them on, get in bed, and hit play again. (Please talk low in this part) "Are you in bed with her, wearing her panties? Good boy." Tell me to start rubbing my dick through the panties. "Rub that cheating cock!" Then tell me to take it out and start jerking my cheating dick next to her. "Look at her. Look at me. No comparison. I'm the best thing your dick has ever experienced. You love me! Now look at her and whisper 'I love Cat Claw'. Look at my perfect tits. Whisper to her, 'Cat Claw's tits are perfect.' Tell her her tits suck. Tell her I own that dick. Now look at my ass! Tell her you'd rather lick my ass then kiss her. Tell her. Good boy. You love being risky for Goddess. I want you to start jerking faster. Look at her one last time. (Final minute get aggressive and a little louder) Now stare at me. Don't look away. I don't care if she wakes up and neither do you. Jerk that cheating cock hard for me. Faster! Harder! Cheat on that bitch! Cheat on her! Get ready to explode in her panties! 5, fuck her you belong to me! 4, moan my name! 3, moan for me you cheater! 2, you love me, not her! And 1, fucking cum for me! Cum! Squirt that cheating load inside her panties! Good boy! (Low voice) "If she didn't wake up, let me see her." I'll put her in your view and you whisper to her: Hello bitch. Your loving boyfriend just blew a huge cheating load for me. Sweet dreams. Blow her a kiss. Tell me to take a photo of the panties under the covers and send both pics to u.

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