AstroDomina - Demise of Earths Rival

Added: 06-02-2022

Sydney is an evil Goddess. She has defeated her number 1 rival in combat and chained him on his knees. She asks him if he knows why he is still alive and she tells him that it's not enough for her to break his body, but she also wants to break his will. Sydney tells him that she can see into his soul and issues him a challenge. If he can resist lusting for her sexy body, then she'll forfeit her victory and Earth Realm will be saved. BUT! If he lusts for Goddess Sydney, Earth Realm will be hers and so is his soul. Sydney taunts and teases him, laughing in his face as she can sense his will weakening. She relishes the thought of her hated rival losing everything to her because even he can't resist the splendor that is Goddess Sydney. She comes close and stands over him, running her nails up her thighs as she senses he can't resist any longer. Then he lusts and Sydney lets out an evil victory laugh and tells him she has won. Sydney tells him to take one last look at the Goddess who will take everything from him. Then she says "your soul is mine" and slowly pulls his soul out of his body and guides it into her crotch.

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