Mistress Lucy XX - Spankingly Good SPH

Added: 08-02-2022

So 'Little One' you know I cant stand teeny tiny todgers yet you still come and stand before me! I want to see how tiny you really are so i demand you pull down your trousers, of course you're too shy, so i pull them down for you and that's when the fun starts!
I can't quite believe what a pathetic little willy you have, so i decide to get out a tape measure to see exactly how small it is. Oh dear, you were already getting a spanking, but now i've seen how small you really are, you're going to get a few extra spanks.
Putting you over my knee and exposing that bare bottom of yours i start to punish you. Telling you exactly what i think of you and that poor excuse for a penis. You wriggle when the spanking gets harder so i have to hold you down.
When i eventually let you back up i notice you've enjoyed that spanking a little too much.... It seems that pathetic peepee has grown! Taking out the tape once more i measure you again.
Seeing how you liked that spanking so much i decide to give you a little JOI session. After all, seeing you jerk that dicklet is so amusing, i cant help but laugh. 
When I've seen enough I'm going to end with a nice controlling cum countdown at the end.

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