Raquel Roper - Miss Roper's Sadistic Holiday Special

Added: 12-02-2022

This clip contains 5 of your favorite Holiday clips from last year, all in one for a discounted price. Perhaps you didn't snag them all, or any last year? Here's your chance to make up for it.
"Snowballing, A Encouraged Winter Game"
Due to the festive nature I've found myself in, I have something rather special planned for you. Perhaps right now or in the following days upon purchasing this video you will find yourself covered in a blanket of snow where you live. I know when I see snow, it reminds me of a special game I enjoy playing with my submissives, & you're my next contestant. This is your Christmas gift to me, consent to play my favorite holiday game. Though this game involves multiple players, & I'm afraid I'm not participating. I'm simply a voyeur. The participants? Well you're going to fetch them for me yourself. I'm going to send you out to different venues, clubs, on the cold winter nights. Once you've filled your contact list with no less than 5, well hung, eager studs... that's when the fun begins. Snowballing. Whatever could that mean Miss Roper? Click play & see for yourself.
"Taking My Cock For Christmas"
What better gift to give this year from me to you, than a gift than one that keeps on giving? I take pleasure in unwrapping your present for you myself, the thick girthy cock I've been tucking between my legs springing forward as I part my legs. With a glistening red bow decorated on my shaft, veins bulging, my cock is so eager for you to crawl into "Santa's" lap and take a seat. Tell me all that it is you hope & wish for in honor of the holiday's and I will reply with all 11 of my inches driving into you. A Christmas tale that shall come true, using the depths of your mouth to coat my cock in your saliva, & you've got to be "Santa's" helper this year and not forget about my swelling jingle bells underneath my shaft. Bending you over onto all fours and claiming that tight little ass of yours as my own, what better way to spend our first Christmas together than plowing deep into you as if I'm digging for coal in the depths of your hole.
"Cucked For Christmas"
It's Christmas Eve, you & your wife are sitting by the tree, surrounded by gifts in which you're eager to open. What did she get you this year? You wonder. A soft smile graces your wife's lips, she seems peaceful, content; which brings a smile to your own lips as she was out for many hours before "shopping" and preparing for the holiday festivities. Though she soon begins to let you in on a little secret for her cheerful spirit. Santa came early for her this year. Some might not believe in his magic, but your wife does, & she took it upon herself to write a letter to him to express her wish this year for a toned, handsome, well hung man to sweep her off her feet despite her vows to you. A nervous laughter leaves your lips as your wife has always been a bit of a comedian, but when her words spiral into vivid detail of her encounter with her "Christmas Gift" you feel your stomach turn. What you believe to be a holiday prank turns into a lustful tale of your wife's hot & heavy encounter, & her plans to continue this escapade year round with her wedding ring still wrapped tightly around her finger. She does have use for you after all.
"Coal For Christmas"
This year, you've been placed on the naughty list. It seems someone's forgotten what Step-Mommy & Step-Daddy use to tell them growing up throughout the year, how easy it is to misbehave and end up with a stocking full of coal. Sometimes what we think of to be folk tales in our youth, should be seen as warnings, caution to take into adulthood. I do not tolerate misbehavior of any kind, though despite your bratty antics & behavior; you will be receiving a gift this year. I've filled my belly with milk & cookies, & being lactose intolerant a loud rumbling is brewing in my belly. Perfect. Spreading my cheeks and letting you take a peak & whiff of my fragrant brown Christmas star, I tell you of all the coal that's soon to be rushing down from my chimney & onto that poor, unlucky face of yours. However due to my holiday snacking, I can't promise it's going to be very firm. Slipping & sliding in your gift, you are to become covered head to toe in remorse for your actions.
"Fuck Your Holiday"
A Sadistic Holiday Role Play... You believed you were doing a deed worth praise, sending the Goddess you've grown to worship & admire a Holiday greeting card. Inside, a heart felt message, a confession of love & loyalty; However you forgot to include the most important thing when first approaching me. Tribute. Foolish man, who left his return address of the envelope, never would have guessed that Miss Roper would have snuck her way through his door, taking full advantage of the fact that your wife who's chosen to have you spending Christmas alone. Now it's my turn, to return the season's greeting. Truly, I'm doing you a favor; breaking ornaments that have been in your **** for years, destroying your tacky decorative pillows, slicing through your lack of ego with my sadistic word play, & ripping apart the sorry excuses of gifts that have found their way under your tree. Fuck your holiday, Bitch; as you are undeserving of a day of happiness & reward if you can't first understand your place in the grand scheme of things. I above, & you down below.

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