AstroDomina - FOOD FOR MY ASS

Added: 20-02-2022

I know you'll serve me anyway you can, no matter where you might end up..
You've known Goddess Sydney for a long time now, and you've watched as she just keeps getting prettier and richer. You've also noticed how she continues to grow and get bigger, as everyone around her keeps feeding her. Feeding her with attention, money, food.. all making her even more powerful, slowly growing into a towering giantess. She's obviously surpassed you in every way since you've met her. But her hunger is never satiated, she can never get enough.
She knows you've always been obsessed with her, but she's grown way too huge for you, too powerful for you to handle, you could never have her. You would do anything to be with her though, just to be a part of her world. That's why you've been helping feed her all this time. Also because you're so obsessed with her ass. You offer yourself to her but she knows you don't have any more money left. She's taken everything from you! What else can you possibly offer?
Well, she tells you what she wants. Your tiny little body. Since you love her ass so much, she will feed you to it. She will shove you into her asshole and you will finally make the ultimate sacrifice and become a part of her. This is what she wants, and she ALWAYS gets what she wants. Are you ready for your final act of service, little one?
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