Mistress Lola Ruin - Your tickle torment

Added: 07-03-2022

Clip Description:
You have been a terrible slave lately, and as I know you are secretly a little masochistic I wanted to subject you to a punishment you would most certainly not enjoy. Then I remembered just how ticklish you are, and what a perfect punishment that would be. I am going to strap you down to the bondage bed, lacing you in nice and tightly with some shibari rope to make sure you don't squirm. Then I am going to fit a nice big ball gag in your mouth so I can't hear you whimpering. Once you are all secure, I am going to slowly work My way up and down your body with light, feathery tickles using My long red talons. I am going to get harder and faster, concentrating on all those most ticklish spots like your feet, inner thighs, sides, ribs and of course armpits! And of course I want you to remember this punishment, so before I untie you lets really dig those nails in and give you some deep, long scratches...
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