Velma Von Massacre - Fuck Allah Hail Velma

Added: 09-03-2022

Today is such a lucky day for devout Muslim boys of the Islamic faith. Velma, your Dark Queen, is so delicious, so sultry, and tangible; a God right in front of your face, who will make you forget all about Allah. Or even better yet, Velma will take the place of Allah, who no longer exists to you. Velma will henceforth become the only God you know, the only religion you know. Fuck Allah, Velma is your religion now. You will immediately stop worshiping and praying to Allah, and worship and pray to ONLY Velma. You will stop wasting time with false deities. Velma plans to take place of Allah by desecrating the holy word, the Quran. As she spits in it, tears pages out of it, and rubs it up and down her delectable, delicious body, she begins to steal your faith and lead you astray, taking the place of your God now. She asks you to repeat after her, “Fuck Allah, Hail Velma. Fuck Allah, Hail Velma. Fuck Allah, Hail Velma.” Read along with your Dark Queen in the Quran and replace every instance of the useless word “Allah” with “Velma” or “the Satanic Dark Queen”. “In the name of Velma, most gracious, most merciful . . .” Be sure to read along to prove to Velma that you are worthy of worshiping her . . .
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