Kaedia Lang - A Woman's True Strength

Added: 22-03-2022

Custom video. Non-nude. We are rival trainers at a gym and it's the end of the month, which means soon we will see who ended up getting the most sales the month. You are confident that you'll beat me, since you see women as weaker and not as capable. I'm on a mission to prove you wrong. I know that you are also trying to do No Nut November so I make a bet with you that whoever has the most sales can get the other trainer to wear whatever they want the loser to wear to the gym. I go into a sequence of meetings with potentials clients, both at my desk and in the gym, to convince them to sign up with me. I am able to get them all to sign up using my body and feminine charm. I play into the clients' interests, whether that be boobs, ass, or feet. At the end, you still beat me in sales because the rest of the trainers gave their sales to you since they knew of our bet and wanted to see me in lingerie. I show up to your office in a trench coat, and reveal myself wearing just lingerie underneath, in order to seduce you. I convince you to sign up for a "1-on-1" class with me for thousands of dollars, which then give me the upper hand in sales. I stop my lap dance after you sign up and declare you the loser. As a consolation prize, I take off my panties after putting my coat back on and hand them to you, along with some lotion. I leave but come back later to see you made a mess of yourself with my panties, and tease you about not being that strong after all. Enjoy
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