Goddess JessiBelle - You're a Gooner

Added: 23-03-2022

You're a goner, your brain is going to melt. You are too addicted, buying these videos, jerking to them, edging over and over, buying more. You don't cum, you just keep stroking, you're a gooner! Your brain is turning into mush, the feeling your dick is getting is better than cumming. When you cum it is all over.
You are completely gone, addicted, needing more. You do as Goddess JessiBelle wants. You feel ecstasy as you keep stroking. Your dick and brain both want the same thing - MORE GODDESS JESSIBELLE.
You cannot cure yourself of this. GJB has everything you want and need. The longer you can last, the longer you can stroke, the longer this feeling lasts. You do not want it to end.
Your brain and cock both beg for more. It is so easy for me to take from you when you have gooned yourself stupid. I can get whatever I want when your mind is clouded with this feeling. You haven't spent enough. You haven't bought enough videos.
GJB knows best. I know what you need. You need more. Desperate. You're a goner, but not that far gone. You will keep going, not wanting to stop.
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