Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Online Shopping Credit Card Drain For Ass Worshiping Pay Pigs

Added: 26-03-2022

Miss Tiffany!
You are an ass worshiping pay pig. You get off on extreme forms of and financial fuckery. You are such a pathetic pay pig that you even get off on being ignored while your credit cards are being drained. Well you are going to fucking love this clip, it's so fucking hot! Imagine Miss Tiffany comes to your place and makes you get down on your knees behind her. You hand over your credit cards and Miss Tiffany gives you the honor of jerking off to her ass while she bends over your computer and shops with your credit cards. You can't see what she is doing or how much she is spending, all you can do is see her ass, it makes you so stupid and mindless, that all you can do is jerk while she ignores you and runs up your credit cards while she's on an online shopping spree. And when she's done, after she's completely maxed out your credit cards, she turns around and laughs at you before she walks out the door. You will feel so humiliated and so fucked over! LOL! And you're so lucky that she took the time to do this to you, aren't you pig? You're so fucking grateful!
This is your findom fantasy come true. You, down on the floor looking so fucking pathetic as you're about to get drained for her ass like the fucking stupid pay pig that you are. You crave this, but most of all, you deserve this. You're so lucky that she lets you stare at her ass and jerk as she maxes out your cards. Her perfect ass deserves all of your money. She bends over your computer and you are completely mesmerized by her ass. She completely ignores you while she shops lol. And Miss Tiffany only shops at expensive stores. You can only imagine the damage she's doing to your credit cards as you jerk yourself stupid. Occasionally, she looks back and lets you know how much she's been spending which only makes you jerk harder.
You're so obsessed with her ass. She tells you that she's shopping for cute things for her ass to make you even more obsessed and make you spend even more money on her ass lol. You love being rinsed by her ass. You just get weaker and dumber by the second. She has already maxed out one of your cards lol. She throws it on the ground and picks up another. You're so fucked, she's draining you but you can't stop her because you can't take your hand off of your cock lol! She reminds you that you're doing this to yourself. You wanted this. You invited her over just to have her do this to you. You Begged for it! LOL! Fucking moron!
Whatever her ass wants it gets, because her ass deserves it. She knows how much pleasure you're getting from this. She knows just how much this turns you on. It's so easy for her to mindfuck you while she continues to drain your accounts. The more she shops, the more she ignores you, the faster and harder you jerk beneath her. She's taking thousands from you. Miss Tiffany doesn't play around, she truly going to ruin you and max out your cards leaving you in debt.
When she's all done she lets you kiss her ass and thank it for spending your money lol! She says, 'Kiss my perfect ass and thank it for spending your money'. Then she just walks out, leaving you there, broke and stupid lol.
You're going to be Begging her to do this to you for real! LOL!
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