Goddess Aria Zahara - High Risk Blackmail-Fantasy Email

Added: 18-04-2022

Your jaw drops as you see my perfect thighs encased in fishnet stockings and a garter belt. When I turn around and you see My round divine ass, your mind goes blank. You instantly enter a state of subservience, desperate to do whatever you can to please Me. Anything to keep being teased by My glorious ass. I have you open a new email, fill it out with my information, and slowly but expertly get you to start writing down information about yourself. Your heart races, your palms sweat, but you obey because obedience means pleasure, obedience means more time with Me. Before you know it, a document is filled with compromising information in front of you, and the cursor is lingering over the send button. I begin counting down… 10 - 9 - 8… when I reach 0 you hit send inadvertently while you blow your load all over. Only after the damage has been done do I reveal you have entered into a 12-month contract with me, to the tune of $250 per month, only to be absolved if you send a video of you sucking dick. If you don’t follow my orders, the contract auto-renews and the ante goes up… these are high states, but you can’t resist rolling the dice...
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