Madam Violet - Eternal Erection Of The Mesmerised Mind

Added: 19-04-2022

Lets fuck with your mind and physiology and induce the fun, sexy kind of erectile dysfunction, a constant aching boner for Madam Violet.
I want you to take Me with you wherever you go, your cock is with you wherever you go, it makes sense to combine the two. It will also be fun to implement and hilarious and satisfying to know that you are hiding a bulging erection in your pants, or at the very least you WANT to. Carrying around a sexy, shameful secret for Madam Violet. Always aching, always stroking, never cumming.
Trance can convince the mind of anything, and what is erectile dysfunction if not self-trance. I can make your dick HARD all the time, and the more you want it the more powerful the post-trance commands will be.
I make you DROP, I make you HARD, I make you say My name as I make you stroke your dripping, pulsing erection, the eternal erection, the dribbling reminder of what you are - MY bitch. I seductively prime your obedient mind, and control your quivering cock, not just now but always.
Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, NLP, mind programming, sensual domination, slave training, cock control, masturbation encouragement, jerk off instruction, goddess worship, tit worship, snaps,
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