Sloansmoans - Submit To Your Ex

Added: 23-04-2022

CUSTOM FOR MARKUS: Watch as you run into your ex girlfriend, Goddess Laura, and end up as her little cuck in chastity after having a conversation with her. You haven’t seen her in a long time and she starts by telling you how good it is to see you. She starts bringing up your relationship and tells you that she’s been thinking about you, specifically about your sexual experiences together. She can tell that you want to know more and she says she’ll tell you but you must confess to her that you still love her and crave her. Of course you answer, yes. She then goes on to tell you how she’s been thinking about how weak she used to make you and just recently she realized that she missed that feeling of putting a man in his place. She doesn’t think that’s a coincidence that you two ran into each other… she thinks it’s a sign that you should submit to her. You don’t have a choice. She tells you how this is going to work. First she asks you to stop pretending that you’re a real man. You never satisfied her with your pathetic dick. Your saving grace was that you were always so eager to lick her pussy. She makes it very clear that you will focus on her pleasure, and her pleasure only. She slowly starts to undress as she makes you tell her how much power she has over you. Her ass alone makes you the weakest man who’s ever lived. She tells you to get on your knees and stroke your pathetic dick to her, BUT you’re not allowed to cum. She continues to tease you by sucking on her finger and she tells you that your ridiculous dick will never be in her mouth, or pussy because she only craves big, thick dick. She tells you that you will be her little cuck. You’ll attend to her every need and desire. Her pleasure is all that matters. You will gladly accept that she’ll be fucking other men on a regular basis because your pathetic cock could never fill her pussy. And even if you could, you’d come within seconds. She reminds you about the first time you fucked her and how sad and pathetic it was. She goes to tell you that as her cuck, you’ll be responsible to pleasure her after her bulls are done fucking her. You’ll lick up every drop of their cum, no matter where they came. She intends on making you an expert pussy licker. The main part of your training will be chastity. YES. You’ll be locked up and only she will hold the key. She tells you to beg her to lock you up and make you her suck! You edge as you beg until she stops you suddenly… perhaps you’ll get lucky and able to cum next time… enjoy me, xo
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