Dominatrix An Li - Mistress An Li - Internet Sadist

Added: 08-05-2022

A woman wearing all leather – leather apron, leather opera gloves, and leather face mask – vicious shakes you fully conscious. You realize you are trapped. Arms, legs, and body bound to a chair. A bare room with no easy escape, and cameras pointed at you from the corners of the ceiling. 
She looks sinister. You realize your cock and balls are tied and have wires attached to them. They connect to a lit up unit with knobs. She catches your eye, sees your confusion, and starts laughing.
"Oh, these wires and electrodes on your genitals? They're collected to this TENS unit. All I have to do is turn this up to shock your cock and balls..."
She turns it on to let you experience it a little bit. A jolt of pain runs through you. You're scared now.
"And it's not just going to be me. It's going to be everybody on the internet who can control you now. You see those cameras?"'re scared, but you also can't help but get turned on. Underneath her face mask, your tormentor looks beautiful.
You can tell she's smirking under that mask. "Don't worry, you'll learn to like this," she says...
Features: In keeping up with the Halloween spirit, I hope you enjoy this costumed, apron and glove loving roleplay featuring electro play, public domination, CBT, and handjob programming!
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 131,89 MB | 00:11:19


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