Humiliation POV - Princess Cin - Manipulative Blackmail-Fantasy - Ruin Your Life For My Ass

Added: 13-05-2022

Princess Cin!
My perfect ass has it's way around your weak, submissive brain. Whenever I flaunt it in your face, you just can't control yourself. You feel the need to give this ass all it fucking wants. And my ass wants all control over your life, it wants all of your personal information. LOL. When you look at my ass you just can't control yourself, you just can't help but to crave more. Just look at it, stare at it, it's so fucking perfect. It makes you want to stroke. This ass turns you into a weak, brainless, blackmail-fantasy bitch. My ass makes you want to hand me all sorts of power, it makes you want to tell me all sorts of secrets that you wouldn't want anyone else to know about you.
Keep jerking to my juicy, mesmerizing ass. Keep getting dumber and dumber for my ass. I know you can't remove your gaze from it. Goon to my ass. Doesn't it feel so fucking good? You just want more and more of it. You can't help but to keep gooning to my ass. But my ass has bigger plans for you. You need to earn the privilege of jerking to my ass. My ass wants you to write me an email (email given in clip), I want you to tell my ass all kinds of incriminating secrets. The types of things you wouldn't want anyone else to know, the types of things that will bind you to me forever. My ass is manipulating you to give me what I want in a moment of weakness.
Keep jerking and staring at my ass as you type that info in. Give me your real name and phone number. You want this so badly, it's making your cock throb as you hand over more and more personal information. Keep typing, no hesitation, just blindly following along and doing whatever it takes to please my perfect ass. The more information you type, the faster you jerk to my ass lol. You're becoming my blackmail-fantasy ass addict.
Now that you've typed it all in, you've earned more time gooning to my juicy ass. Don't you just love looking at it? It holds so much power over you. My ass can literally make you ruin your life. In fact, you want my ass to ruin you because it feels so fucking good. You love being helpless for my ass. You love fantasizing of being ruined for this ass. But I'm not so much into fantasy as I am into fulfilling your dreams and making this a reality. My ass and I want every last bit of power over that deranged little brain of yours. And you're going to give it to us.
You'd do anything for my ass, you'd do anything to stroke to it. My ass is your reward for giving me what I want. And what I want is for you to type in more incriminating information. I want to hold all control over your life. I want phone numbers, email addresses, social media, your credit card info, so many delicious little pieces of information that could ruin you. Just type it all in, that will bring you closer to your purpose of being a good boy for my ass. I know you want to serve your purpose and please your blackmail-fantasy addicted cock lol. You need to hand it all to me to reach the blissful state of satisfaction.
You are binding yourself to me and to my ass and to my inevitable control over your sad life. You're giving me so much information to work with. You want this so badly, your cock wants it. It tells you so every time it throbs in your hand. I hope you're ready for this because my ass shows no mercy for weak boys like you. It's so mesmerizing, you're risking your safety and your life just for a mind tranquilizing jerkoff session. Jerk it faster as you stare at my ass moving on your screen. You've done so much for it and now that you have it will compel you to do even more for it now that it has all of your information lol.
You're a prisoner to my perfection and you love it. I mean look at what you've done already just to deepen that connection with me and become my blackmail-fantasy slave. I know you want to cum so badly but before you do my ass wants what it rightfully deserves. My ass wants what's rightfully mine. Jerk to faster and put one hand on your mouse and put your cursor over the send button, getting ready to cum as you hit send and give me all of your information. You want to be of use, you want purpose, but more than that you want to cum. I'm going to count you down and you're going to hit that send button and cum simultaneously for me. No thinking, no hesitation, just acting on it for my ass, blackmail-fantasy puppet. You'll be hearing from me soon lol. For real...
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