HumiliationPOV - Princess Kira Star - Do You Think Your Wife Will Love My Ass As Much As You Do?

Added: 23-11-2017

I have the most amazing ass and I know you are in love with it. I can use it to get any man to spend money on me. Stare at it, become mesmerized by it, & soon you will find that you have this compulsion to spoil my ass. I love using my ass to manipulate weak men. Read less
And I know how to use my ass to it is fullest potential, blackmail. I can & will use my ass to blackmail you. You are going to pay for my ass, you are going to pay just 4 the privilege of staring at it. Keep staring loser, I know yu love my perfect ass.

Now here is what I am going to do, I am going to come to your place of work and apply for a job as your secretary. I know you will hire me. And every day I will come to work in something that will accentuate my ass, I know you will be staring at it every day, you will be waiting for me to come to work, just to see what I have on. My hot young ass will take over your mind at work, you won’t be able to concentrate. I can see how hard you r in your pants every day. My plan is working perfectly.

My ass and your stupid horny cock are going to make me rich. I am going to set up a camera on my desk so I can get videos of you gawking at my hot, young ass. I am going to seduce you and tell you how much I love it when men jerkoff to my ass. I will have you jerking off to my ass every day. Then I am going to come into your office and show you all the videos I have of you perving on me, being inappropriate with me, videos showing your cock popping out through your trousers, lol! Would you like your wife to see these? No I didn’t think so. Well if you don’t want me to send them, this is going to cost you. A lot. Hundreds, thousands, millions, lol! I am going to ruin you. I am going to fuck you over. And I don’t fucking care. I just want my own money.

You are so fucked, you can’t resist my ass. My ass will make you cum over and over. No man can resist my perfect ass. And you are just another sucker that I have lead into my trap. My ass will keep your cock hard and your mind stupid while I blackmail you and take everything from you. It is going to feel so good, you are going to love it. Do you think your wife will love my ass as much as you do? LOL!

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