Goddess Madam Violet - Look. No Hands

Added: 01-12-2017

My perfect CURVES poured into a SKINTIGHT black pvc dress with plunging neckline, and a WICKED smile. I want you to look at Me, I want you to listen to Me, I want you to kneel and gently cup your aching balls, good boy. When I know your cock is hard for Me I make you look at it, then back at Me, LOOK at the effect I have on you, your cock LOVES Me, it cannot resist My body and your mind cannot resist My words. Captivated by My Indirect hip no sis is utilised, simple yet effective imbedded commands, soft SEDUCTIVE patter and then shock of a trigger word and finger SNAP and down you go. The shine of the light on My dress is so mesmerising, My TITS ook incredible, you want to LOSE yourself in My cleavage. I am elegant and sophisticated yet sexy and so POWERFUL, you want Me to be cruel to you, to demonstrate the POWER I have over you. When I look like this you want to OBEY. So I tease and seduce ad force you to look at your throbbing TWITCHING cock, then back at Me, you want
to stroke, but I will NOT permit it, just hold those THROBBING balls. Layered visuals confuse your eyes and therefore your mind, you are focused on My face but you can see My TITS, those long sexy RED HEART tipped nails, squeezing, caressing, back and forth round and round. Not sure where to look your trance is deepened, I hold your gaze, as you hold your balls and ache to cum, there’s no release for your cock and NO rest for your mind.

Contains: trigger words, finger snaps, imbedded commands, tease and denial, breast worship, confusion technique , eye fixation, brainwashing, layered visuals, slave programming.

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