HumiliationPOV - Alix Lynx - Self Destructive Pøpper Sniffing Home Wrecking Addict - Instructions

Added: 20-09-2020

You know how wrong it is for you to be here right now but you can’t help it, can you? No, you can’t seem to stop yourself. But I do get it, I mean look at me and then look at your wife or gf. I know what you’re doing here and you know what you’re doing here but she doesn’t, does she? You just can’t stop jerking your cock to my perfect porn star body because the truth is, it feels better than fucking your ugly wife or girlfriend. You know it’s true, fucking her doesn’t make your cock throb and twitch the way jerking to me does. I know how to get inside your head and sear my image into your brain so that when you look at her, all you can think about is me.

Just look at my body, I work so hard to keep it looking this good, I’ll bet she doesn’t work on her body at all, does she? And who wants a body like hers when you can have mine any time you want on your computer screen. And just knowing how wrong this is, jerking to me behind her back, makes it even more exciting. It turns you on even more. But I want to make this even worse for you. We’re going to take your addiction to the next level.

I want you to sniff p o p p e r s and goon to my perfect porn star body. Sniff and goon idiot and make this addiction to me even worse. Sniffing p o p p e r s sears my image and my words even deeper into that weak brain of yours. Sniffing and jerking will fuck up your head so much, that it will become the only way you’ll be able to cum. And then you won’t be able to get hard for her, you won’t be able to cum for her. It will completely ruin what’s left of your sex life lol. You are going to become so heavily addicted to sniffing and jerking to me that you’re going to find yourself sneaking off even more to experience the pleasure that only p o p p e r s and I can give you.

The only way you’ll ever get hard for her is if you’re thinking about me. So that means that every time you’re fucking your wife you’re basically cheating on her. It might be your wife’s pussy on your cock but you’re picturing it was me. You’re going to wish it was me all the time, you’re going to long for me and ache for me. You’re going to fantasize about me, me, me me, me. Now sniff again to reinforce this idea lol. I am never going to leave your brain lol! I’m going to be stuck in your mind. You’re going to become so addicted to me, in fact, you already are addicted to me. You’re just so hooked on my perfect porn star ass. The only thing you’re going to be able to think of is my hot porn star ass every time you’re with your wife.

You know this is going to ruin your marriage but you can’t stop, can you? No, sniff again. Fuck yourself even more idiot. This is so wrong but so hot. You should be fucking your wife but you can’t because all you want is to jerk your cock to me. Even when you’re out with her you’re going to be wishing you were by your computer jerking to me. You love sneaking away behind her back and taking your p o p p e r s and sniffing and watching me and jerking to me and furthering your fucked up addiction to me and home wrecking.

You know exactly what you’re doing to yourself, you know just how wrong this is, and that just makes you even hornier. You’re so fucked. But you can’t stop. Just keep sniffing and jerking to me while I destroy your marriage. Your life is going to become sniffing and gooning to me. You’re going to goon to me every day, multiple times a day, sneaking off, taking more and more risks just to be here with me on your screen. You’re barely going to spend any time with her at all. And then the real fun begins as you see this really taking a toll on your real life lol. Do you think this isn’t real? Do you think this is just a fantasy? It’s not and you’re going to begin to see that more and more as I steal all of your time and attention and money from her.

– Alix Lynx! –

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