Josie Cairaway - Girly Panties 24/7 1080p

Added: 25-10-2020

Look at these. I know you’ve been wearing my dirty panties when I’m not home. They’re frayed, stretched out and when I go to put them in the wash they smell like your tiny little balls. I’ve ignored this for far too long because I thought it was just another of your weird phases. Apparently not, because you’ve been doing this for months now. Well, I have a surprise for you. Have you looked in your underwear drawer since you got home from work? No? Well go ahead, take a peek. That’s right, I replaced all of your boxers with sexy, girly panties. This is what you will be wearing twenty-four seven from now on. You will wear them to work, to the store, when you watch football with your friends….I’m tired of you only being a pervert around the house when no one is home. Your perversions are now going to be front and center for everyone to see. I think you have such an obsession with panties because you have such a tiny dick and you know that you don’t deserve to wear real men’s underwear. That’s another thing that we’re not going to pretend isn’t happening anymore….we’re going to stop pretending that your tiny dick has ever satisfied me or any other woman. There it is. Right on cue. I’m trying to explain why I’m so mad at you and fed up with your weird fetishes and you go and get a tiny hard on. Jesus, just pull it out and stroke it already. I know you’re going to the minute I walk out of the room so you might as well do it in front of me. I want to have some fun too. So to make up for causing all this strife, you’re going to shoot your little load in your little hand while wearing your brand new girly panties, and then you’re going to lick it all up. Yes, you will, or I can just divorce you for being a creep. Which would you prefer? That’s what I thought. Now pull that little pecker and eat that cum for me so that I can have some fun too for once

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