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Added: 22-11-2020

Today I want to help you to understand that this is pretty much the best you can hope for loser. You know that this is an addiction, this masturbation compulsion is something you really can’t break free from. It’s something you can’t control and weirdly you find that fucking exciting too. And yes addictions are bad, they eat away at your life, your finances, and this one is particularly bad, especially if you’re into financial domination. It’s bad for your bank account and really bad for your mental health. And all the time you spend locked inside jerking is time you’re not spending engaging in a social life. And all of that is your fucking problem. But this little addiction that you have going on here, no matter how bad it is, is still better than having no sex life at all.

I know you agree because you’re jerking furiously to my words. This addiction might be dangerous and it might eat away at you as you lie in bed all alone at night with your stiff cock in your hand but it’s still better than having no sex life at all which is exactly what you had going on, right? No wife, no girlfriend and even vanilla porn wasn’t hitting the spot for you. You see when a sexless wankaholic like you is jerking it to vanilla porn, then it’s just kinda empty isn’t it? You can’t relate to sex that you don’t have. But this, these clips, humiliation videos where the women are more relatable to the women you’ve encountered who flip you off and call you a loser, well you’ve learned to sexualize these types of interactions because they’re the only types of interactions you’ve ever had with a hot girl.

The truth from a hot brat really hits the spot in terms of what you need from a sex life. You know that’s why we make these types of clips, right? For guys like you to be lured in with, because we’re so reminiscent of all those women who’ve rejected you your whole life. We represent all the women who have laughed in your face, sexually denied you and call you a fucking loser. And you’ve sexualized this, you’ve turned this into sex because you had no other choice. Now we’re right here, talking to you, and as long as you pay, it keeps coming. That’s a nice little addiction for you to have and it’s the best a loser like you could ever hope for.

I mean would you rather be just completely lonely? Would you rather not have us as your girlfriends? Because that’s the alternative, isn’t it? It’s not like you have a girlfriend or a sex life. But we do kinda get in the way of that too, don’t we? We do kinda make it hard for you to go out and date, we do make it hard for you to get hard for sex. We do make you feel even more insecure because we corrode your brain day after day. Every time you pump to these clips it’s just doing more and more brain damage. But are we to blame? No. You are to blame. It’s your addiction that’s become a substitute for your sex life.

And even though we’re corroding your mind and preventing you from having a normal sex life, were they really on the table for someone like you anyway? Did you really have the option to go out there and date? No, your sex life is non existent. And if it weren’t for us, your virtual girlfriends, you’d have fucking nothing. So I want you to feel grateful today as you jerk off, I want you to feel gratitude for your addiction because it’s really the best sex life you could ever hope for. Despite how dangerous it is, despite how expensive it is, and despite the fact that it may be preventing you from ever having a sex life. Yet it’s still the best you can hope for, it’s still better than laying in bed alone and stroking it to vanilla porn that you can’t relate to. It’s still better than being a sexless, lonely, single loser.

Clips are you sex life, you date my clip store, you take yourself there every night with your wallet just like you might take your wallet to a nice restaurant for a date. It’s just different for you loser. This is your sex life. Foreplay for you is jerking your cock to my previews and descriptions. Losers like you just have to do it this way. This is your nightly ritual which has become your sex life. Your addiction is something to be grateful for because without it, you’d have absolutely nothing. I mean without this what would you be stroking to? Your ex’s facebook page with pictures of her and her new guy? LOL! You see for as bad as this addiction is I think you’re really better off this way.

And I want you to cum today knowing that. Knowing that we’re your virtual girlfriends and you should feel fucking grateful. This addiction is your sex life and it’s really the best you can hope for. Edge and think about the fact that me on your screen is the closest you’ll ever get to a hot girl like me. My ass ruins your sex life yet you still love to stroke to it because now it is your sex life. It’s inescapable. You’ve done the damage and now there is no going back. But really, isn’t this better than nothing? Isn’t this better than laying in bed alone? At least you have this sex life. I want you to cum knowing that your addiction is your sex. Do you like it when I rub your addiction in your face? It’s all you’ve got. This is your sex life. Sex was never on the table for you, only chronic masturbation and clip binging. This is your sex life and you need to be fucking grateful for it.

– London Lix! –

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