Goddess Natalie - Foot freak drain for my step brother - Findom

Added: 16-12-2020

I come back home and decide to check on my step-brother, so I go straight to his room without knocking first. Bad idea, very bad idea..well for him at least, as the weirdo of a step-brother I have was watching porn. He tries hard to hide it when I walk into his bedroom but there’s no way anyone could escape my pestering. I keep insisting to see the kind of porn he watches and fight him until I finally get a glimpse of it. It’s foot porn! Haha how freaking lame is that, dude? I was expecting him to be jerking off a lot but not to this kind of stuff. Jesus he’s such a weirdo! Well, guess what? Now that I know, I won’t stop teasing him with my perfect feet, making him lick my soles, sniff on them and suck on my toes. Oh and since I’m sure he wouldn’t want everyone else to know about his little fetish, I’m sure he’s gonna be willing to give me all of his lunch money and pocket money to keep my mouth shut. That’s how findom addiction starts, early on when you don’t even know what you’re doing haha not that you’d have more self control now as an adult, do you? Go ahead and not buy this video then! Prove me wrong!
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