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Added: 31-03-2021

18 year-old Queen Carter is a FreshWoman at Femdom University and has been training a house/study slave that is also used for homework assignments, e.g.; male chastity 101, Cock and Ball Torment 101 and Her new favorite class - "Intro To Full Toilet Slavery", which also includes credits in "Advanced Deep Anal Cleaning", which is what She is taking Her ass slave through now.
She's recently finished Her evening workout and had Her slave chained to Her weight bench, a blinding hood over the slave so that he is helpless and must sharpen his senses of smell, taste and touch to adequately plumb the depths of Her anal canal. She is conditioning the slave to love the smell and taste of Her ass and Her sacred caviar. She wants him to get uselessly and frustratingly hard when She farts, when he is locked in the bathroom during and after Her bowel movements chained to the toilet, etc. She wants him to know what an honor it is for him to be able to clean the dirtiest part of Her with the cleanest part of him.
She approaches the slave wearing a pair of sexy black yoga pants and carrying a flogger. She tells the slave:
"Slave, I just got done with a great yoga workout and my crotch is soooo sweaty and clammy smelling. I also had to go #2 at the gym and I didn't take a shower or anything because,,,,I have a human shower here and I don't need to wait for the hot water to warm up, get a towel, yah know. Now stick out your slave tongue"
She spreads Her sweet little ass cheeks open and beckons the slave inside to clean Her insides but to start slowly and clean the cheeks first. As soon as She does, he gets a whiff of what She was talking about and audibly retches in disgust. This angers Her and She starts flogging his cock! He screams and squirms in agony but can't escape and quickly puts the gentle, wet kiss directly on Her sharp-smelling, smeary anus.
"Now, give it a french kiss, slave. With love."
He plants a deep soul kiss on Her asshole, digging his tongue into the brown starfish and becoming as passionate as a teenage lover. She laughs at how pathetic he is:
"That's right - you're not a human being and won't be treated as one. You're a utility - anything I want you to be. And of ALL the things I want you to be, a FULL SERVICE TOILET is my first priority."
Even though the slave is now eagerly tongue fucking Her asshole because he's terrified of Her flogging his cock again, he starts crying and mewling through Her ass, which is sealed against his face, Her full weight on his mouth, putting his tongue seemingly as deep as possible.
"Stick your worthless slave tongue out and tongue fuck my asshole. I also want to hear you swallowing-you should be eager to ingest everything from your Queen, pig. Now get your tongue deeper and look for more candy."
She smothers him with Her sweet asshole periodically, taking a break and checking Her phone. She decides that She might get his tongue even deeper into Her colon to find "new morsels". She turns around and squats onto his mouth, putting all of Her weight onto his mouth through Her anus. His head almost disappears, as it's wedged deep into the cleft of Her ass, like he's locking his jaw to Her pelvis and anus.
She starts tiring and makes sure that when She rests, She is also taking his breath in more and more extreme ways and for longer and longer times. Finally, She's had an orgasm on his face and decides toi give Her ass the "white tissue test", wiping Her sweet ass and coming back with a clean piece of tissue.
"Adequate job slave. Congratulations, you are one step closer to being my full toilet. We will begin the next phase of your training tomorrow."
And walks away.

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