Asian Mean Girls - Astro Domina - Feel The Wrath Of My Ass

Added: 15-05-2022

The Domina decides that it's time for a little quality time with her long time slave. I mean slaves are people too. They should get some love and intimate attention from time to time.
What's more intimate than having your breath withheld by the most personal parts of your dominants body? Astro buries her slave's face deep between her buttocks, she's quite sure that he can't breath or even get a sample of her divine aroma, he is stuck, paralyzed by his own submission. He struggles for breath as his face is lovingly embraced while Mena takes pleasure in his predicament.
There seems to be a problem however, her selfish slave is not exhibiting any proper signs of appreciation. She makes him take matters into his own hands, she him to pleasure himself right in front of her as she makes fun of his tiny little man junk and his technique. Astro pays specific attention to the fact that there just seems to be no reaction, his penis is like a blown out inner tube that's beyond repair. She finally issues an ultimatum and a time, she wants to make him eat his Jism and if she can't have that satisfaction, then his lazy penis will pay in pain.
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