Clubstiletto - Miss Jasmine - I Like Busting His Face Too

Added: 09-08-2018

As the scene opens, we find Miss Jasmine and Miss Mutiny relaxing on the couch. Jasmine has one of her slaves in attendance and his head is under her ass. She shifts from a forward position to reverse sitting and bounces on his face. Mutiny kneels to get a better vantage point, and in the process, gives you an amazing view of her ass and her feet. Jasmine asks if she’d enjoy sitting on the slave’s face, because after all, he’s really nothing more than a piece of furniture. Mutiny loves what she sees and quickly takes her place on the slave’s face.

As she bounces up and down, Jasmine sees this as a great opportunity to kick the slave in the nuts. The poor bitch had no idea what was coming. She steps on his cock and kicks him, then repeats the process several times. As Mutiny sits forward, you get an amazing view of her ass, and both Ladies look fabulous in their lingerie. Mutiny doesn’t want to get off so Jasmine decides to sit on her lap, which means the slave is now being crushed by a good 250 pounds. Jasmine eventually gets back on his face and does some butt drops, while Mutiny takes a turn kicking him in the groin. Mutiny gets back on, and this time she sits full weight because she wants to watch the slave kick under her beautiful ass cheeks. Jasmine sits down to enjoy her view of the slave’s frantic kicks. “He’s in trouble now!” Jasmine says with a laugh.

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