ClubStiletto - Mistress Kandy - Junior’s Hot Box

Added: 11-02-2020

The scene opens with Mistress Kandy talking to the camera, dressed in only bra and panties. “People would think it’s glamorous being married to a billionaire, his boys always around the house so anxious to please me” she says. The camera pulls back and we see Kandy has one of her boys head locked in her toilet box. “The truth though is the training of these two never ends, you have no idea.” Kandy then tells how she uses this one. How she’s had to train him to suck daddies cum from her ass, and how to consume all that comes from her body. Kandy does love the challenge and seeing how the boys compete to please her but it is a big commitment to insure these young fellows become the sort of boys anyone would be proud to call son.

Kandy shows how the box is locked on the slaves head and how she has kept him in there for up to 48 straight hours. She then removes the lid from the box along with her panties. She sits back down, ready to turn the box into a hot box from her farts. She now sits firmly over the hole for her first fart to really douse him in her gas, causing him to gasp and cough. She then leans up so you can see her let out her next huge fart, her sweet hole puckering open as the gas rushes from her into the box. She sits back down to insure it stays where it’s intended. She lets out another blast and now junior has been soaking in her farts for several minutes. “I wonder if daddy will smell my farts on your face at dinner times?” she says. She’s just getting started, there may be more than farts for junior before she is done today.

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