Tessa Fantasies – Last Orgasm Serum [Face Sitting]

Added: 01-07-2020

Tia is an agent from FFA (Femme Fatale Agency). An agency where males request their dth under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales or for any reason, if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive.

Part 1 – Office welcome (in POV from customer perspective)

Tia is sitting behind her desk and welcomes the customer (POV, and we don’t hear him). He is supposed to be afraid and Tia starts speaking about general things… Smiling and warm. She picks customer’s dossier and starts to read it. Tia nods, she smiles “A nice young guy with dth fetishim… I am your woman”. Tia giggles. Tia moves on a professional tone: she is a pro executrix, she knows how to manage his fears… Reading his file, he has requested to be facesit and asphxted. Tia adds she will wear a nice lingerie outfit. They conclude on the service: all his belongings and inheritance for Tia. She provides papers that customer signs and gives back to Tia. She smiles and finishes with a “Please, follow me to the execution room”. During this scene, Tia is natural, speaking without taboos about her job and how she enjoys having men’ life in her hands.

Part 2 – Tia enthrones her customer (in 3rd person view)

Man is naked in the room, stretched on the bondage bench. (you can use the same bench as last time). Tia enters dressed with lingerie set and a gown/robe on. Customer tells her some compliments. Tia attaches man’s wrists and ankles each other with nylons below the bench. Man is attached but can still slide on the table During this bondage part, customer asks some nervous questions/comment some things: “I am eager to give my life to you”, “I am just afraid…”. Tia continues the bondage and smiles, calming him. She puts her finger on his mouth: “Everything will be fine”. She ends up putting a nylon mask on customer (like last time). Once ready, Tia lets her robe drop to the floor and starts a slow handjob until customer gets hard. This was not in the plan but Tia lets customer know that it is just a “farewell gift”. She then places herself on him, slides her thong (not taking it off) and rides him. First slow, then faster, then moving only her hips forward and backward… Until she orgasms. She then goes down again and masturbate her customer until he cums. Tia then announces “it is time to sit on you”. She smiles and very sensually she sits on her customer’s face. Tia lets him breath by standing up from time to time, Tia then also rides his face, She then does a scissorhold, Tia moves back to the original facesitting position.

This time, no more breath for customer. After some time, customer starts to struggle against his bondage. Struggles get harder but he cannot escape and asphxtes under Tia. Tia also plays with her finger, rubbing customer front. She can also be gentle and caress his chest and arms. She smiles and giggles saying some hot and encouraging words: “Yes my dear… d for me… Let me feel your last breath… Don’t make so much noise… I’m gonna smother you to dth… Shhhh…”. Customers gets finally still after a long struggle… then spasms 2 or 3 times and ds. Tia maintains a strong facesitting even if customer struggles and make asphx noises… Tia then stands up, check his pulse and leaves the room smiling.

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