The Real Queendom - Goddess Sydney - Facesitting Bet

Added: 02-09-2020

After a fun night out with Astro Domina a certain fetish video producer has gotten a little cocky about his ability to withstand facesitting. So they make a bet that any time he taps out he’ll have to be Astro’s slave for a week! However, after such a fun night out at the club Astro seems to be a little unclear on the rules and decides to count every time the producer breaths as tapping out! He tries to argue that it only counts if he taps, but Astro simply doesn’t care! “Every time!” Astro shouts as she covers the producer’s face with her big, overpowering ass. Astro takes the bet very seriously and keeps forcing herself on the producer’s face and overpowering his weak struggles. The producer has to tap over and over again, but Astro never lets up, jumping back on his face quickly after each tap and forcing him into longer and longer slavery! Eventually the producer is totally worn out and agrees to be zipped inside the rest sack and be her slave. Once the producer is totally trapped and helpless Astro tells him exactly what she has in mind. “By the way, you’re gonna be mine for two years!” The slave tries to protest, but Astro pulls her pants down and sits on his face again to shut him up. There is nothing the slave can do now, he’s trapped for the next two years whether he likes it or now!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Astro Domina, Goddess Sydney, Face Sitting, The Real Queendom, Facesitting, Face Sit, Face Sit, Ass Smothering, Smother

File Name : 11___The_Real_Queendom_-_Facesitting_Bet
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 672 MB
Duration: 00:07:28
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 12.4 Mb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 161 kb/s


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