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Added: 01-04-2021

Mistress Milena Malice is a brand new Domme, having just recently broken Her husband into being Her slave. She started out by chaining him to the bed and ruthlessly ass smooshing him and then making him worship Her ass, making him lick and clean Her asshole. Then She taught him to worship Her sacred pussy and pleasure it. But She hasn't allowed him to cum in a week but has taken his cock out of chastity after putting him in bondage - because She is conditioning the slave to enjoy what She is about to do next; so that he associates the action with his own pleasure. Just like training a pet with a treat, you eventually remove the treat.
She has the slave splayed on his back in bondage and blinding hood so he is surprised by Her newest gift. She is seated on his chest, wearing no panties and just an open-nippled bra, exposing Her DD tits and of course Her naked, gorgeous shaved pussy. She explains to him what is going on:
"Well slave, you obviously have no right to my pussy-ever, and your pathetic peanut will never enter my pussy again. That doesn't mean I don't have my own needs, and so I've found some willing partners that you know well to "volunteer". They've filled me full of their cum and you're gonna suck it all out of me"
He starts to complain but She suddenly lashes out and strikes him with a vicious slap, that cracks across his face, stunning the slave and causing him to cry out in pain and fright.
"You WILL DO IT, thank me and BEG for more"
"Mistress, please may I have some cum, I need it Mistress...mmmm, please, Mistress!"
"That's better, cucky"
She sticks a finger in Her soaking wet pussy, which has visible cum dripping out of it and some has even pooled on the slave's stomach, which She also scoops up and tells the slave:
"Open your fucking mouth"
He does, and She reaches out, placing the cum-dripping finger onto his tongue. He immediately begins to start coughing and gagging on the disgusting flavor, which pisses Her off, even more, earning him another face-cracking slap.. This stuns and terrifies the slave, making him wail and frantically try to suck the cum from Her finger like a starving whore.
"Good cucky"
She keeps scooping the cum out, the white strings dripping and sticking everywhere as he tries to suck it all into his mouth like it's thick oatmeal. Mistress Milena gets impatient and suddenly sits on the slave's face, Her pussy in his mouth and face:
"Now start licking and then suck out all the tadpoles your friends left behind. I want you to guess who it is - can you tell from the taste? I bet you've already sucked their cocks, haven't you? No? Well, I'll be sure to change that, don't you worry cucky. I'll expect you to beg and thank me for that as well. You see slave, since you're an extension of me, and I want to fuck your friends, so it's not gay for you to do it. Haha, right! Isn't that RIGHT SLAVE?"
She is rolling back and forth on his face as he licks and sucks more and more aggressviely. She slaps him hard again, his head rolling with the sharp and sudden impact, but he just sobs in pain and fear and agrees with Her:
"I want to hear some enthusiasm, or do you need more motivation?"
She just laughs and starts fucking his face, screeching at him to keep his tongue out. She starts humping up and down on his face, faster and harder, obviously enjoying it with no regard for him whatsoever. She starts grinding down at the end of the downstrokes, rubbing back and forth on his mouth:
"KEEP YOUR FUCKING TONGUE OUT OR I'LL CUT IT OUT!....Now start sucking! I want to hear sucking sounds, get every last tadpole out, slave"
She starts really mashing his face now, telling him to keep sucking and licking. She cums hard on his face, mashing it harder and harder into his face as he struggles to breathe and keep his tongue moving, lest he earn more face slaps. Satisfied, She just walks away, leaving the slave with the taste of Her and his friends cum left in his mouth and on his face.

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