Rea And Fatima - ‘The New Neighbor’ - Cruel Faceslapping And Humiliation

Added: 03-03-2018

I moved to my new apartment and I invited my lovely girlfriend Fatima to visit me. We went to have a coffee outside, looking sexy in our casual clothes, sexy shorts n sneakers. We walk back home and I tell her about the nerdy guy that lives next to my apartment, probably he is a fetis hfemdom org college student and I always laugh of how he looks at me drooling when we meet, I`m sure he fantasizes a lot about me. As soon as we get in the building entrance, we actually meet the guy!!! I introduce him to my girlfriend and we take him up to my place to have a drink. And of course a lot of fun with this poor loser, but he doesn’t know it yet!

After cleaning the dirt from our sneakers, my nerdy little friend felt bad to do it, so when we order him to make some coctails for us, he denies saying that he is not our slave! Hahaha! That is funny!!! We laugh at him and I stand up and slap his face, saying to him that of course he is our slave. We start to slap his face hard with Fatima, humiliating him and we spit on his face and on the floor and we make him lick it! We pull his hair and we keep slapping him non stop, especially when he refuses again to do our coctails! After a lot of hard and fast slapping, we kick him down and use him as a footstool, so he`ll take some time to think his position!

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