ClubStiletto - Miss XI - Xi's Humiliated Foot Boy

Added: 15-04-2017

Miss Xi walks in on her obedient slave, who has been kneeling by the bed awaiting her return. She asks if he heard her kicking the other slave’s balls and presents him with her stiletto to caress with his tongue, telling him he must first lick the other slave’s ball sweat from them. "I want these shoes nice and clean because I'll be wearing them on my date tonight, and you know how my boyfriend loves nice shoes". She warns that if he doesn’t do a good job she’ll take the dildo she had molded from her lover’s cock and shove it right up his ass. The camera pans over to the dresser to show the giant tool Xi has placed there to make sure the slave remembers how tiny he is in comparison. She makes him suck the six inch heel to demonstrate his sucking abilities for her. She directs him to the other shoe next, and when he’s finished, she orders him to take both shoes off so she can inspect them and decide just what his fate will be. Uh-oh! She notices a streak and crooks her sexy finger, beckoning him closer. She slaps his face and makes him lick the streak away. She teases him mercilessly by wiggling her toes before instructing him to bring his nose up close to sniff the sweat on her feet. She lets him know she was just trampling slave number three in her bare feet and his ball stench should still be quite strong on them. He knows he has no choice but to tell her he enjoys the smell. You get some very sexy upward angles of Xi's shoes and feet as she gracefully lifts them up and presses them down onto the slave’s head. She wastes no time telling him he’ll be used as a footstool now while she surfs the net and answers her email.

Miss Xi now uses one foot to mash the slave’s head into the ground while she rams the other into his mouth. She slaps his face with one sexy foot and places the other one into his mouth, ordering him to suck her toes. She moves her pretty toes around strategically so he can lick between them, drag his tongue up and down her soles, and take her entire heel into his mouth. She laughs and says, "I want you to lick all the sweat off my feet, and you know it's not just my sweat but sweat from the balls of the slaves I just finished kicking." Close up angles give you a clear view of her of her sexy size four feet. You can see that the slave shows a lot of passion while performing his duties because he knows Miss Xi can be brutally cruel if she isn’t satisfied . "It's kind of like you’re sucking balls while you suck my toes." She climbs gracefully back onto the bed where the soles of both feet are exposed for your viewing pleasure. "I want to see that tongue all the way out" she tells him, as he resumes his oral servitude. She calls him a pervert and says she notices that he seems to show more enthusiasm when her feet are extra dirty and smelly. She sticks a few toes up his nostrils and tells him she wants the smell embedded in his nose, so he smells her for the rest of the day (and probably all night as well). If you enjoy up close servitude of sexy feet, you will definitely enjoy the camera-work in this clip – you see every wrinkle and crevice in the Goddess’s feet as well as a tongue actively licking between her toes and across the soles of both feet. Surprise, Xi has added a new wrinkle! Her boyfriend will be there shortly and it's not only her feet that stink but her armpits, too. She sits up on the bed and pulls the slave in close by his collar, making him sniff her armpits and lick them both from top to bottom until she sniffs and decides they no longer stink. Xi looks extremely hot in her red lingerie. She revels in verbally humiliating the slave, making him lick her dirty parts while reminding him there is stink from other slaves on her feet, and he’s licking her clean because there’s a real man on his way over to pleasure her. "I want you to crawl to the closet, pull a pair of my boyfriend’s dirty boxers from the laundry hamper, and stuff them into your mouth until he gets here and we decide what we want to do with you". As the slave crawls away, Xi lies seductively back on the bed and sighs, "I think he'll be here real soon".

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