Femdomshed - Bratty Princess - Massage my feet, then swallow the dirty foot water

Added: 26-12-2017

Princess tells the slave that she wants her feet massaging. She is soaking her feet in a bucket of warm water while the slave rubs her toes and heels. She tells the slave about how long it is since she has had a foot bath and how dirty her feet were before they went into the warm water. The slave rubs and massages the Princess's feet and sucks on her toes like the Princess requests. The Princess's feet are finally clean but the foot bath water certainly isn't. The water is so murky that you can't even see the bottom! Princess takes a glass and half fills it with the dirty murky foot bath water. She hands it to the slave and tells him to swallow it down. The slave looks at the glass of filthy foot water and drinks it! Princess then scoops a full glass of the dirty water and shows it to the camera telling you all how disgusting this water is and that she knows you would love to be the one in her slaves position being pushed to swallow the water that has been blessed with her stinky feet. She then pushes the slave to swallow the full glass of blessed water. After that she fills another glass and pours it down the slaves throat making him swallow it all. This is a great foot worship embarrassment clip!

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