Clubstiletto - Lady Bellatrix - That’s One of My Rules

Added: 07-03-2020

Towards the end of a month long holiday in Vancouver Lady Bellatrix relaxes and reflects on her time back home with a local slave. Visiting the beach so often and spending her hard earned slave dollars shopping downtown have made her feet rather sore. So she teases the slave by waving her shoes in front of his face with the veiled promise of letting him worship her feet if he’s lucky. She starts by dangling her stinky shoes in front of his face and makes him beg to have a sniff. She tells him to inhale deeply so she can imprint her scent deeply into his subconscious, so that when she leaves he will always remember her odour. When she eventually bestows the honour of letting him suck on her toes she tells him to give her a massage while he is at it. He licks in between each of her toes before she lets him worship the other foot. His mouth seems to be getting a bit dry so she spits in it to lube it up a bit. As its almost time to go shopping again she makes him suck on both feet at the same time before she sets the rules for her visit for next year.

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