The Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Queen Grace - No Self Esteem (1080 HD)

Added: 23-04-2020

I am showing off to Queen Grace how much I have destroyed the ego of one of our resident foot slaves. It is literally just a quivering mess of stupidity at my feet. I make it lick the bottoms of our shoes clean just to show Grace that this idiot will do ANYTHING I say. Grace laughs her ass off right in his face.

Then I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe in front of its face- and that is all it takes to make this foot freak become absolutely fixated on my beautiful foot being almoooost showing itself to him…and driving the loser wild LOL. Its nose starts creeping into my shoe…just trying SO hard to sniff my delicious foot odor!

Finally the shoes drops off…and the foot loser is in HEAVEN! It is worshiping our feet like they are the most delicious things it has ever tasted! Haha!

To be honest, we actually had fun degrading this loser and shoving our feet down its throat. The time just flew by…and before we knew it, we had been making it lick the dirt off our shoes and shoving our feet down its throat and for like a half an hour!

But its big, long tongue actually felt kind of good on our feet…

It is actually kind of funny to us how some of you losers can have your self-esteem SO destroyed by your obsession with FEET that you can literally be turned into a FOOT SLAVE for girls like us and just to be degraded to no end for our amusement!!

And Grace asked me how I make sure the foot slaves at Mean Girl Manor “don’t enjoy this TOO much?” and that when I showed her the CHASTITY DEVICE that I keep this old loser locked in 24/7!! So while it LOVES my feet soooo much…it can never really completely enjoy it! We just LAUGH. There is nothing more entertaining to Mean Girls like us than completely tormenting a sexually frustrating the FUCK out of our slaves!!!

We are like SOOOO Mean to this slave!!!

– Princess Amber

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