Goddess Zephy - Foot Worship After Workout! (1080 HD)

Added: 13-01-2021

I’m an extremely active, healthy lady and after a long session of muscle sculpting with weights and aerobics, I will be obeyed and have my sweaty, stinky feet worshiped!! dumbass is waiting on his knees for my return: ready to bow to my every command and cater to whatever mood I might be in. he’s greeted with a slap to the face and commanded to lick the bottom of my sneakers–who knows what might have been stepped in and I don’t want any crud getting on my nice floors. These shoes are like 6 years old and the reek level is legendary, and today I didn’t feel like wearing socks, so you can only imagine how grimy and stinky my feet are!!
I completely dominate lil dufus with my sweaty, super stinky feet–making him sniff, kiss and lick them clean, and suck on my toes…how humiliating! he doesn’t stand a chance against a hot, alpha bitch goddess like me, it’s pathetic. I also use his face as a footrest while I check my phone, and then finally have dumbass lick my superior feet while drifting off into a nap.
There’s a brain in there somewhere as ‘dufus’ has managed to learn that if you wish to remain at my feet (where you belong), then you’d better obey my every command…I am NOT a lady that you wanna piss me off!!!
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