Bratty Foot Girls - Sophia, Sushii - Tutoring the Foot Bitch

Added: 19-03-2021

Brat girls Sophia and Sushii hate when their tutor has to come over to make them study for their upcoming exams. These two rich brats are used to getting whatever they want. As he tries his best to get the girls to focus on their studies they continue whispering and giggling as they play on their phones. They have found out about their tutors deep dark secret. He has a raging foot fetish and now they know his weakness they will use it to their full advantage! They giggle as they ask if they can take off their sweaty shoes and expose their smelly bare feet. The tutor tries to keep his eyes of their soft pink feet, but he knows he's been had. Soon the brats have him kneeling in front of them kissing the tops of their feet. He's now going from tutor to foot bitch! They start humiliating him, jamming their toes and soles into his mouth, making him lick their feet clean. He is put on his back where they gag his mouth with their toes as Sophia starts rubbing his cock through his pants as Sushii continue to make him clean her feet! Soon he busts a load ion his pants much to the entertainment of the two brats as they leave him in his own goo.

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