The Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Czech Freak Begs For Princess Mia's Feet (1080 HD)

Added: 08-04-2021

One of the noveltys of staying at the Manor is the fact that there are literally slaves FOR EVERYTHING! I mean, it isn't just a slave that is downstairs to beat when we feel like it, or a slave outside to wash our cars, or the one kneeling in the kitchen that will always cook or go fetch us any food we'd like, but even losers locked into the end of our beds (if we want) so there is always a pathetic little bitch there to worship or masage our feet as soon as we wake up in the morning, or if we get scared in a bad dream at night, something to kick in the face to scare away what bothered us... lol
So after crashing out hard the other night, I had half forgotten I had locked this loser from some foreign land at the foot of the bed and when I came too I nearly giggled to myself seeing its pathetic face right at the foot of my bed.   But what was I to do?  Obviously manipulate the poor sad thing with my flawless perfect feet. So I started by lightly teasing it, and made it use its teeth to pull off my knee high socks.  
And we were only just getting started.  Watch the clip and see me torment this sad foreigner as it is obviously so addicted to my feet.   Needless to say, I am nowhere near as interested in it so I had a great time kicking and slapping my peds off its face and tongue while also gagging and humiliating it.  Such is the life of a slave.  You wish you could be so lucky loser.

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