AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Paris, Ms. Brandi - Princess Paris Orders Roomservice

Added: 08-06-2021

Princess Paris (blonde) and Ms. Brandi (brunette) are two new sorority "mean girls" that staying in a hotel and decide to take advantage of their hotel's motto "The guest is always right". They call up the front desk and demand that they want someone from the staff to come to their room and be their personal bartender.

When the staffperson sent to serve them as their bartender accidentally makes their drinks wrong, they decide to humiliate the FUCK out of him- and he HAS to do whatever they say to make them HAPPY because they are GUESTS and therefore they are ALWAYS right! They even threaten to call the manager if he doesn't do WHATEVER they say!

They TOTALLY degrade him- they make him lick the DIRT off the soles of their shoes AND shine their shoes with his tongue- while they mock him because they are going to wear these shoes on dates with two hot guys later that evening. Then they eventually decide that they want their FEET LICKED right out of their shoes- just to HUMILIATE him! Ms. Brandi even puts a leash that she uses for her little dogg on him to humiliate him further for their entertainment.

Eventually they decide that IF he does a good enough job they won't tell his female manager, but they WILL make him their PERMANENT bitch for them and ALL the girls at their snobby sorority!!! They even finish with a few solid ballbusts - 3 kicks each - to REALLY put him to the test to see if he would rather be their sorority's BITCH or have them call his manager!

***(GREAT verbal humiliation!! They totally destroy this loser's ego. And the full clip is priced at a discount compared to parts 1 & 2 separately.)***

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