The Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Lexi Chase - Verbal Humiliation Contest

Added: 28-11-2021

Princess Amber and her BFF Miss Lexi Chase have a bet over who can hurt a slave the most using just their words. So they decide to have a contest! They will attempt to tear a slave's heart to shreds just by taking turns saying the meanest things possible right to its face as they laugh at it! It is SO much fun to be mean AF to some loser that is obviously, like, SO beneath you anyway. It will be kind of like an insult contest- except with ALL of the insults being hurled at the slave they keep in the cage out in the garage.
The "winner" will send the slave to work work at fast food joints all weekend (TRIPLE shifts, bitch!) and 100% of its wages go to the winner!
The funniest part of this video is that by the end, even though the slave is literally crying from the verbal cruelty from Amber and Lexi, it STILL is begging to "serve" them hand and foot! LOL! When you are as hot as Amber and Lexi you can basically say & do whatever you want to beta losers and they will still worship the ground you walk on... haha
Watch the clip to hear how mean Amber and Lexi are to the slave. They really don't care about it- and they don't hold back from telling him that he basically means NOTHING to them.

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