Penny Barber - Diapered and Sissified For Wetting Himself

Added: 21-03-2022

It was disappointing but not surprising when my hair appointment was interrupted by a phone call from my husband's babysitter, Bambi, telling me that he had wet his pants again. I had to hire Bambi because I could not trust my little baby hubby to be alone without either wetting himself or playing with himself all day but the poor girl has had enough of the pathetic sissy.
I come home with rollers still in my hair from the salon and find him on the kitchen floor, still sitting in a puddle of his own shame. He is equal parts terrified and humiliated, as I explain that Bambi quit because is he too much of a baby even for a babysitter and that I was silly to let him wear boxers at all. Despite being stripped out of his wet pants and into a baby diaper and frilly pink dress by his wife, the sissy baby still finds a way to make his situation more embarrassing. His little baby cock gets hard and he has another kind of accident during his diaper change, as if I needed more proof that he has no self-control. I have a hair appointment to finish, so he will just have to wear that squishy, creamy diaper under his pink sissy dress back to the salon with me.
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