Sweetfemdom - Lance Hart, Rev Arielle Aquinas - Captured by Tank Girl

Added: 24-05-2018

In a post apocalyptic world, Women and Men are at war with each other… Lance Hart is caught sneaking around the female base when he is captured by Arielle Aquinas.
She hangs him from the ceiling in his underwear and teases around him seductively. She makes fun of him for living in the inferior male camp where they probably just jerk each other off because there aren’t any women around.
“I bet it’s been a long time since a woman has kneed you in the balls…” She whispers in his ear. Lance begs her not to, but she knees him hard in the nuts and laughs.
She abuses his balls, then licks his face, “See, you love it…” It’s been so long since Lance has been around a woman, any attention at all makes him hard, even if she’s just crushing and kneeing his balls.
Arielle pulls down his underwear and licks his hard cock while she squeezes his nuts. “I’m gonna make sure these are real full, then I’m gonna milk you and drain you, and you won’t need them anymore….”
She strokes and teases his cock and then knees him some more. She laughs when his hard cock bounces from the abuse. Her female clan is going to keep him in their base to use his cock for their pleasure, but they will make sure he can’t enjoy it too much.
“This has got to be a little better than living in the male camp where you probably suck each other off without any woman around…”
After a lot of teasing and abuse she tells him she feels bad keeping her to herself, so she’s going to call the other women in to have fun with him. She kisses his ear and whispers “Say goodbye to your balls,” then smiles and struts away with him hanging from the ceiling, begging for mercy.
A week passes. The girls have been using Lance for sex and abusing his balls. They take turns using his cock, but they won’t let him cum. Only they get to cum.
It’s Arielle’s turn again with his cock. She makes him fuck her. “You know what’s going to happen if you don’t do it right…” As she enjoys his hard cock she puts her hand over his mouth. She cums on his cock and teases him, “Maybe I’ll actually let you cum today…”
She pulls his cock out of her and squeezes his nuts hard, then puts his cock back inside her. Arielle makes him fuck her hard with his hands still tied to the ceiling.
“The longer you fuck us good, the longer you get to keep your balls!”
She cums all over his cock again, then pulls him out of her just as he’s about to cum to squeeze his balls hard. “These are nice and FULL of cum, but their not quite ripe for milking yet… The next girl will be here in a minute…
She knees him hard in the nuts, kisses him on the cheek and struts away with an evil smile

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