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Added: 11-12-2019

Princess Lily has a huge sex drive and loves studs with huge cocks. Her husband is her cuck and always on hand to fluff or clean up after her kinky encounters. Lily has cum all over her pussy and thighs and she explains that her boyfriend came inside her but then pulled out and came some more, covering in his sperm. She can’t wait to call her husband out of the closet so he can see the outcome of what he could only hear through the door. Lily scoops some of the cum onto her finger and then calls cucky over. Did you hear me getting fucked she says as she sticks her finger in his mouth. “You’re not good enough for my pussy” she tells him and then spreads the cum all over her legs before ordering him to lick it all up. “They say the tastiest cum comes from the black guys” she tells him.

She talks about her lovers cock and how it fills her. She reminds him of the lone time he fucked her, their wedding night, and chuckles about how little he is. “I’m still trying to forget it” she says. Hubby obediently licks up the cum. Lily then pulls out a spoon and actually scoops some more cum from her pussy. She sticks the spoon in his mouth. Lily tells hubby how to lick and suck and says she loves telling her lover how she has used him in this fashion and that she has also asked him to start saving all his cum, when he masturbates, so he can eat that too. “If all my boyfriends save their cum it might be enough for your entire diet” she tells him. Lily then talks about how she loves football teams and basketball teams because they always have so many black studs and she wants entire teams to please her. “By the time I’m done with you, who knows I might have had a thousand different men.”

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