HumiliationPOV - Hot Secretary Blackmails Her Boss And Makes Him Eat His Load

Added: 13-12-2019

Are you jerking your dick to my high heels and my stockings? You’re such a little pervert. I’ve always known you’re weak for sexy legs like mine. I just can’t believe you couldn’t help yourself. I think you’ve been doing this for a long time and this is just the first time that I caught you. But I shouldn’t be surprised, usually all men who are in a position of power are perverts. What a fucking loser you are, look at you jerking your cock to my stockings.
That’s ok, you can jerk. I don’t mind at all. Jerk that loser dick. I in fact encourage you. It’s so amusing to see my boss on his knees, drooling over me. I can’t believe you’ve been jerking your pathetic cock to me. But I want you to keep jerking it to me, I’m allowing it for now. Jerk it for my pussy in these panties, a pussy that you will never have. Even though you’re the boss in this office you can’t get everything you want, not with me.
You’re so fucking weak. Jerk that loser dick. Women will always be superior, even when men are in a position of power. It’s women who actually have the power. And you know this, that’s why you’re so weak for me, that’s why you’re jerking your dick right now because you know that I am the true boss here. Don’t stop jerking it. I’ll bet you’ve been fantasizing about this, about being on your knees before me as I instruct you on how to jerk your dick. And I know you want to cum for me and I’m going to let you.
Pump your dick to my hot sexy legs and heels you perverted little degenerate male. You might be the boss in this office, but I’ll bet most women don’t even look at you unless you’re spending money on them. Now, I’m going to count you down and let you cum for me and then you’re going to lick it up off the floor, lol. That’s the only way you’re allowed to cum today, Boss LOL!
And I know you’re so horny that you can’t resist. Are you ready to humiliate yourself in front of me by eating your cum up off the floor? Good, then cum for me loser, cum all over the floor. LOL, you see how easy it is for me to make you do whatever I want to. Now stick your tongue out and lick it all up. I don’t want this mess on the floor and you’re not going to ask the cleaner to come clean it up because you’d be so embarrassed. How would you explain that? LOL! So get to it and clean it all up with your tongue. You know this is a dream come true for me too, to watch you on your knees licking up your own cum off the dirty floor of your own office. Who’s the boss now you stupid bitch? I am!
And you know what? I’ve had a camera set up, I kind of had a feeling you were going to do something like this. And now that you know I have this all on video, you’re going to do whatever the fuck I tell you to, if you don’t want to exposed to the entire office and your wife. They’ll all see what a degenerate loser you are. I am the boss and I always have been. And you will give me a huge raise for doing a good job training you, lol.

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