The English Mansion - Miss Suzie, Mistress Sidonia, Mistress T - A Tale of Two Slaves - Complete Movie

Added: 05-01-2021

Mistress T and Sidonia are relaxing on the patio, awaiting drinks from their slave girl Suzie, who has to be punished for slow service. They have two slaves caged, awaiting their fate for the day, the Dominas take one out and soon have slavegirl teasing him, making his cock hard. They make her torment his nipples on the understanding that if she does not do it hard enough, she will suffer the punishment instead. Next, they encourage him to ask and beg to fuck Suzie, he is desperate and has not cum for a log time, so his pleads are genuine and sincere. Mistress Sidonia is unimpressed by his arrogance and explains that the only role today will be to fluff the slavegirl and other slaveboy and have to watch as they fuck, as he is mercilessly teased and humiliated, a true slave cuckolding.
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