Goddess Natalie - The proper way to serve a Goddess

Added: 15-03-2021

Hey there, little pet! So you keep on trying and trying hard to impress me all the time, you write messages about how you'd like to serve me and even applied to be my total slave. You know how wet having total power over you makes me, and you want to get me all wet!
But for some reason, you keep on getting denied and being told you'd be too much work, cause you've still got lot of training to go through before you'll be good enough for me. Do you really think you're worthy of my precious time and got what it takes to be trained by a Goddess as precious as I am?
Well, this little pet certainly did a good job at impressing me so far, so go ahead: watch and learn! You might be able to learn quite a few things from this little puppy about how to properly worship and serve a Goddess like me. You may begin by getting the shisha ready for me to smoke, then inhaling all of my smoke like a good boy, right before you open the ch*mpagne up and personally serve me a glass.
You may continue by dr!nking my spit, serving as my human foot stool and kissing my boots. If you'll be a good enough boy, I might even let you take those boots off, so you can worship my fishnet feet and adore my long legs. Maybe...just all depends on how impressive you can be!

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