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You’re at home making dinner when your step-daughter Cleo comes home all excited to see you. She’s asking about what you’re cooking when suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Cleo goes over to answer it.. oh it’s Sydney and her friend Rose. You let them in and they’re all dressed up in longcoats looking like they’re up to no good. Before you know what’s going on there’s a rag on your face and you’re out like a light…
When you come to, you’re tied up on the floor and Sydney and Rose have Cleo hogtied on the family ottoman, and they’ve got her dress down.. they’re also both wearing giant strap-ons.. Instantly you know what they’re going to do as they start pobing Cleo’s ass and mouth with their cocks. They make you watch as they just start working her from both ends, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!
They taunt you both, telling you that they’re going to train her to love their cocks, and from her moans it almost seems as if she does.. then Sydney informs you that after they’re done with her, you’re going to be next! hahaha!!.. everything they do to your little Clooe they’re going to do to you only deeper! In the meantime, you have to watch them convert your step-daughter, who eventually starts begging them to cum! How does it feel to watch her convert over to our team? hahahaha!
And just wait.. after they’ve converted Cleo, they have an extra special surprise for you..

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