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Added: 08-01-2022

In Lady Katy Sweats Some More we've seen how she worked up a huge sweat working out on the elliptical.  Now she is laying on a bench because it's time for her slave to lick her entire body clean.  In this scene we see the slave focus on her feet, thighs, and especially her hairy armpits.  They are literally soaking. First she has him start on her feet, making him lick her soles and suck her toes.  She then calls him up to her so his mouth is only inches from her armpit.  He asks what he should do and she replies, "The same thing you do every time I work out, lick mt armpits."  She says it sometimes seems like he doesn't want to do it and says if you were there you'd be licking her other pit.  The camera moves down to her hairy pussy and ass and she says "Then I'll need someone to take care of my ass."   She mentions how her ass crack gets so sweaty.  The slave eagerly licks one pit clean and then she tells him to do the other.   Eventually she sends him down to lick her legs all the way up to her crotch.  As the slave licks her she says she might take him to the gym where he can attend to her and all the women there.  She explains in graphic detail how different women might make use of him.  Nothing will be off limits.   Finally she looks at the camera and says "I hope he does appreciate me."

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