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Added: 20-11-2021

Riot Starter is a fitness expert and successfully runs her own fitness instruction offered via house calls. She advertises she will come to your home, hotel or even place of business for a personal fitness session.
Rico contacts Riot for an in-hotel fitness session. She arrives with mat, towel and water. She introduces herself and begins to ask preliminary questions such as fitness goals, experience and confirms he is looking for a yoga session. Riot unrolls her mat and as she is bent over, Rico slaps her ass and says he is looking forward to a great workout. Riot ignores the slap chalking it up to enthusiasm and excitement.
Riot begins to demonstrate the individual poses they will be engaged in for review. Rico watches as she demonstrates various yoga exercises. When she stretches, ass in the air, Rico gives a slight slap and squeeze of her ass remarking that she looks really fit. She snaps her head back and gives a look in annoyance but again dismisses the gesture as misplaced admiration. However, his intentions are clearly discovered as Riot moves through a lunge and then into warrior pose two. Rico moves behind her and reaches around to grab her breasts asking if the back is kept straight.
Riot has had enough and spins around and says, “Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rico only smiles and shrugs playing dumb. Riot explains that it’s not that kind of visit. She is a professional fitness trainer and demands respect. Rico laughs and says he’s sure she will enjoy a “workout” he has planned for her and reaches for her breasts again.
“That’s it!” Riot has had it and it is abundantly clear this dude needs to be taught a lesson. She rares back and punches him right on the balls. He crumples to the ground face first as Riot quickly  tops him and moves into a scissorhold. He fights back but Riot is too strong. She takes him through a series of debilitating and crushing holds zapping his strength until he can barely move. 
Taunting and teasing him for his severe misjudgment in her profession and his weak attempts to fight her off, she decides to take him out by ass smother!

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