Mistress Enola - Strapped To My Ass

Added: 14-04-2022

So I didn't had a better idea that using the face of my slaveboy while I brush my hair and get ready for my day :).Its very simple I ordered him to come and put his head on the seat and I sat covering all his face, he can barely breath or talk :p but I don't care. Then I used my leather straps to get more pressure on his face and  he cannot scape from my ass. When I was all set I started making my hair... I took all the time I wanted to brush it... put on my earrings. I was really confortable sitting on his face, he was trying to talk but I was not able to understand what he said so I kept on with my lipstick and get ready to start my day. I squeezed his face as hard as I can FULL WEIGHT...  Finally I finish with my hair and everything and the slave was suffering so much. I decided to take off the straps and see his face he was all red and marked with my G-string lol :P What a nice way to start his dayFull HD Clip Link
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